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Tilt and Turn Hybrid Window
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Product Overview

Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance Tilt and Turn Hybrid Window Systems

Magnificent looks, fascinating designs, innovative operating styles and unimaginable possibilities – this is how one would describe the Tilt and Turn hybrid window systems from Window Medics. Designed for all climates, our window systems provide efficient ventilation without creating an uncomfortable draft. Unlike other operable windows, our Tilt and Turn Hybrid windows can provide abundant natural ventilation without the requirement of any additional window to be opened.

Features of Tilt and Turn Hybrid Window Systems

  • Made from a 5’’ rigid PVC with multi-chamber.
  • Fusion welded assembled combined with an aluminum extrusion extension for more rigidity.
  • Welded PVC sashes with aluminum extrusion.
  • Double arm mechanism (from 580 mm width).
  • Structural Assembly and Integrated Brickmould for improving water tightness.
  • Triple weather-stripping for maximum water resistance.
  • Warmedge Glazing Unit.
  • Multipoint Locking Mechanism.
  • Exclusive Overlap Screen for a better protection against insects.
  • ENERGY STAR rated.
  • CSA certified.

We provide Hybrid windows across Canada and the US. Our guarantee on all our products reflects the quality of our Tilt and Turn Hybrid windows.

Need expert advice?

If your project requires out of the ordinary Tilt and Turn aluminum windows, our expert representatives can inform you regarding various other features and benefits of our window systems and help you select the best option as per you needs and budget. Dial 888-329-7116 (Toll-free) to get in touch!

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