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Double Hung Hybrid Window
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Product Overview

Professional Double-Hung Hybrid Window Services

At Window Medics, our mission is to provide the finest window solutions that complement the appeal of your property. We offer a comprehensive array of services for the installation and maintenance of double-hung hybrid windows, ensuring great performance for years to come. Leveraging extensive experience and the latest in technology, we offer world-class window installation and maintenance services in Canada and the US.

Window Medics offers unique double-hung hybrid window options at affordable prices to ensure that money is the least of your worries when you choose us over others.

Features of our Hybrid Windows:

  • Made from a 5’’ rigid PVC with multi-chamber.
  • Fusion welded assembled combined with an aluminum extrusion extension for more rigidity.
  • Welded PVC sashes with aluminum extrusion.
  • Double arm mechanism (from 580 mm width).
  • Structural Assembly and Integrated Brickmould for improving water tightness.
  • Triple weather-stripping for maximum water resistance.
  • Warmedge Glazing Unit.
  • Multipoint Locking Mechanism.
  • Exclusive Overlap Screen for a better protection against insects.
  • ENERGY STAR rated.
  • CSA certified.

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For more information on our hybrid window services, feel free to call us on 888-329-7116 (Toll Free).