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Let Window Medics Heal Your Window Panes

Window Medics has a team of highly skilled and experienced service professionals with an eye for perfection and detail.

Our staff, equipped with the latest in technology and periodic skill upgrades, leaves no stone unturned to supersede customer expectations and deliver unmatched value, every time! Our Installation Services Window Installation Entrance Door installation Insulated glass unit installation Patio Door installation Skylight installation Shower/Tub Enclosure installation Quality Assurance Driven by the objective to deliver the ultimate ...

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Problem With Your Windows? Count On Window Medics To Fix It!

You may well have come here because your windows are old, breaking down, and you think they are beyond repair. We may just have a nice surprise for you. Window Medics was founded in 2004 and in the short time since then we have grown to be repairers of windows across Canada and the United States. You can be assured that if anyone can fix your broken windows, it is Window Medics. If it has glass in it and you can look through it, Window Medics do it. By now, you are probably wondering if we only repair windows or whether we offer new installations as well. Of course we do! ...

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Window Medics is a trusted name for builders and remodelers across Canada and the US.

We understand the only certain way to succeed in the much competitive construction business is delivering world-class quality at cost effective pricing. By offering premium solutions and expert services tailored to the specific requirements of your projects, we help you to surpass the expectations of your clients and lead your business on the highway to relentless success. Choose Window Medics: Deliver Better Value to Your Clients Though the funding available for a remodeling project plays the pivotal role in deciding its outcome, it does not imply that a ...

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Even the best of products demand maintenance, especially if they are exposed to the nature.

Rain water, sunlight, snow, dust, humidity and other such elements may take away years from the lifespan of your doors and windows, unless these issues addressed with proper care. Although you can always hire professional help for serious maintenance needs, you can always go the DIY way to address the regular maintenance demanded by your doors and windows. Window Maintenance Tips Off-the-shelf window cleaning solutions can work well, but not if you are looking for that spotless clarity. However, there is a way to make sure your windows and doors ke ...

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Founded with the objective to share our expertise in the window installation business.

One of the first questions we get asked is "What’s the difference between a franchise and a license?" The main difference is that with a license you have much more freedom than you do with a franchise. Think McDonalds or Subway – these are franchises. Every McDonalds or Subway you go into looks exactly like any other. They serve the same food, the same drinks, have exactly the same décor, and so on. This is because that is the way the franchise is constructed. The franchisor exerts rigid control over what the franchisee can (or can’t) do and how he must do i ...

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